“Humans didn't really invent machines. A hurricane is a motor in the literal sense. When a hurricane is born, a lot of self-organizing processes are involved that bring the heat from the outside and concentrate it in a reservoir. It took centuries before humans discovered the motor, something that self-assembles spontaneously in nature. As soon as you let matter and energy in any form flow in a non-linear manner (that is, past a certain threshold of complexity) machines will tend to spontaneously self-assemble. The key word here is 'non-linear.'”

Manuel De Landa

“The performativity of a work of art is the reality, which it manifests by the force of its existence at a place, in a situation, by the force of its production, reception, and lasting. Performativity is an allegation, the power to create reality“

Dorothea von Hantelmann, How to do things with art


Installation at Verkstad/rum för konst, Norrköping