1. Every 163 year, this time in 2011, the planet Neptune enters Pisces and remains there until year 2025. During this time, astrologers claim it inspires revolution and radical change and the destruction of the status quo. According to them also, neptune has a big influence on the human thalamus.

2. Neptune gives off 2.6 times more energy than it takes in from the Sun (scientists don't know why), and its surface is impossible to visit for humans, even if you are there.

3. The Delta-T antenna is a construction that, according to conspiracy theorists, was developed by the US government in the stated “Montauk project”. The antenna is used for transmitting psychic signals, mind control and time travelling.

4. The brain responds to sensor stimulation with a series of neural signals, filtered through thalamus, which stimulate synaptic discharges in the neuron complex and which eventually produces outgoing pulse trains that control muscle and body functions.

5. An exhibition is bigger then the sum of its pieces.

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